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Pamper yourself at Taivaanvalkeat 
A dash of old-fashioned atmosphere and Lappish luxury, mixed with  a pinch of heavenly flavour. The enchanting nature of Lapland, the rustic scenery and the breathtaking silence. Open all year round.

In the recreational centre of Taivaanvalkeat, you can pamper both your body and soul with different kinds of treatments. Choose your favourite one or combine several treatments!

Exercise tables
Just lay down and the tables take care of the rest! This treatment improves metabolism and blood circulation. It´s also relaxing and friming.

Electric heated sauna with aroma essence
Enjoy your sauna with relaxing, refreshing or calming aroma essence. Our aroma essence selection includes Relaxation, Eucalyptus, Blue Moment and Forest’s Peace. Choose one or try them all.

Aroma massage
After 30-90 min aroma massage your body feels like newborn.

Aroma bath in Jacuzzi
Herbal Jacuzzi - Birch
natural bath made from pure ingredients of the Lappish nature without any additives
Decléor luxury bath
refreshing, relaxing and firming bath that beautifies your body and mind
Mineral milk bath
luxurious and relaxing milk bath from the hot springs of Tiberias. Natural Sea Beauty softens and balances your skin. It also improves skin’s resistance and gives it a youthful glow.

Riverbank sauna
The spacious sauna by the river Ounasjoki can host up to 15 persons. The gentle heat and steam of our sauna purifies your mind and body.
Peat or honey sauna
You can choose between two treatments in Rantasauna - or enjoy both!
The peat treatment stimulates your metabolism and purifies your skin. The peat used in our treatments is of high quality and particularly selected to be used in treatments.
The honey treatment is soothing and really pampers your skin.
River raft sauna
During the summer time you can enjoy the sauna while floating along the river Ounasjoki by Kota-Mikko river raft.

Hot Spring” e.g. hot whirlpool bath under the Lappish sky
Bathing in our hot whirlpool out in the open is quite an experience, all year round. The fresh air, warm water and massaging water jets of the hot tub guarantee relaxation. During the winter time spectacular northern lights, twinkling stars and impressive silence will finalise the enjoyment. In the summer the wonders of midnight sun add something mystical to the bathing experiment.

Ice swimming
During the winter time together with rental of Rantasauna we offer ice swimming for all the dare devils. The hole in the ice is kept open by a special heating system. A dip in the freezing cold water will refresh your body like nothing you have experienced before!

Services available:
In Finnish, Swedish, English, Japanese and German; others on request.

"Taivaanvalkeat" offers also:

  • A temple for small weddings or a quiet moment 
  • Delicious dinners, e.g. "Heavenly Feast" and "Robber Baron´s lamb
  • Evening"
  • The yields of a natural vegetable garden
  • Elves cottage-restaurant
  • River draft cruises, riverboat cruises
  • Fishing (perch, pawn, grayling), berry picking (cloudberries, blueberries,
  • lingonberries)
  • Icelandic horses

Bookings and information:

Hotel Hullu Poro sales department
tel. +358 (0)16 6510 500


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