Hotel Taivaanvalkeat


The unique Taivaanvalkeat, located in Köngäs village 8 km from Levi on the river banks of Ounasjoki river, is an excellent place for groups, who are looking for something new and different to experience. Taivaanvalkeat and its quiet country surroundings offer rustic style accommodation, a bit of luxury and heavenly food.

The main building has 13 double bedrooms which have just been renovated. It caters for 10-100 persons, has meeting equipment and a recreational center. Dining outside can be arranged for up to 300 persons. Heavenly Feast in the main building is worth experiencing.

The spacious sauna by the river can host up to 15 persons. A small temple beside the main building is ideal for small weddings.
Pamper yourself at Taivaanvalkeat

Taivaanvalkeat offers  excellent surroundings also for arranging festivals.

Meeting facilities
The 120 square meter main hall of Taivaanvalkeat is suitable for meetings. There are also suitable break-out rooms available in the main building. Conference facilities: overhead projector, screen, flap board and Internet access. Other equipment available on request.

Tonttula (Elves’ Cottage)
In Tonttula childhood memories come back to you, and you can sense an atmosphere of old times. The timber walls and open fire place create a comfortable place for lunches and dinners for groups. The 300 m loft room offers premises for uses only limited by imagination. During the winter season there is also a cafeteria open daily in Tonttula.

Revontulikota (Northern Lights Kota)
Revontulikota, a two-storey kota (Lappish hut), is planned especially for observing northern lights. Enjoy a delicious dinner by open fire and admire the twinkling stars or northern lights from the windows upstairs.

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Palosaarentie 30
99140 Köngäs


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Treasure on the riverbank

No matter if you travel to Levi with family, friends, or colleagues – it’s always an equally unforgettable experience. Comfy, high-class accommodation, meeting, and dining services are offered, among others, by a “magical grandma’s place”. It’s worth checking out!