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Offer - Experience heavenly night at Aurora Pyramid

Offer from 300 € / night

When you stay at the glass-roofed Aurora Pyramids, you can almost touch the ever-changing sky, nature and its forces. Heavenly nature and the Firmament present themselves through the glass roof in a new way, every day. The Aurora pyramids (11 of them) are situated at Tonttula Experience village, only 10 minutes drive away from Levi centre. Kittilä Airport is 21km away from Aurora Pyramids.

Early bird offer

Heavenly night at Tonttula Exprerience village, the glass-roofed Aurora Pyramid for 2 persons  from 300 €

Price is included
* one night accommodation for 2 persons
* breakfast
* free entrance fee to Elves Hideway
* Wi-fi connection

* Extra bed for 2 person

The Aurora Pyramid is located in a small village Köngäs, 8 km from Levi

Reservations can be booked online, via or calling +358 16 6510 100

The Beauty of Northern Lights

”They are the signs from God” whispered the elders of the old times. Thousands of years later the modern  man discovered that those amazing lights in the sky are caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere.

Aurora Borealis was named after a Greek’s Goddess Aurora (Goddess of Dawn) and Borealis the north wind. These amazing lights make most foreign people stop and stare in the sky with wonder but they do make the locals smile as well. There are certainly many benefits when it comes to living in Lapland.

Now is the time to start planning your exotic holiday! We wish you all welcome to wonder the nature’s own light show next winter.

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