Special Summer Offer - Levi Center Hullu Poro


Special summer offer starting from €195 / double room / 3 nights

Energy from light, life force from the sun

Lapland is called the land of the night sun and isn’t called that for no reason. When spring comes, the ice melts, and the days get longer and turn into a celebration of light. Nature awakens from its winter hibernation and the beautiful colours of nature blossom. Nature awakens from a dream and is full of life.  Lapland’s brightest time during summer is during the midnight sun which last for up to 50 days at best. The sun stays low on the horizon, illuminating Lapland’s landscape for 24 hours a day.

Hotel Hullu Poro Top Summer Offer

From 165 € / 3 nights/ single room
From 195 € / 3 nights / double room
From 321 € / 3 nights / triple family room
From 441 € / 3 nights / family room for four
From 510 € / 3 nights / family room for five

Prices are valid from 10 June to 30 August 2022. 3-day minimum stay.

Prices include:
* breakfast
* sauna and spa use daily
* gym use daily
* Wi-Fi connection

Reservations can be booked online, via sales@hulluporo.fi or calling +358 16 6510 100

Be captivated by Lapland’s nature and let its purity speak to you!

Every summer, the sun lets off energy and illuminates the mind. Now is the time to create your perfect holiday and experience how the energising nature renews your soul!

Experience the magnificent landscapes of Lapland. Lift your eyes high up to the sky and enjoy the feeling of space!  In Lapland you’ll forget all about your worries and the business of life and the landscape’s uniqueness will calm your mind. The beneficial power of Lapland’s nature can be felt with all of your senses.