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Hullu Poro’s Christmas Take Away Food Bag

  • Baltic herring marinated with currant (L,G)
  • Pickled salmon, parsnip & onion (L,G)
  • Crayfish & shrimp terrine (L,G)
  • Slightly salted salmon (L,G)
  • Baked reindeer pate served with black currant jelly (L)
  • Sweed casserole (L,G)
  • Potato casserole (L,G)
  • Sweet potato casserole (L,G)
  • Beetroot salad “rosolli” served with beetroot crème (L,G)
  • Italian salad (L)
  • Wild mushroom salad (L,G)
  • Finnish style Christmas ham served with creamy mustard sauce (L,G)
  • Christmas cake
  • Ginger bisquits
  • Malted christamas loaf (L)

The menu is designed for 4-6 people.

Orders by 14.12.2022 at 12:00 – www.hulluporo.fi/webshop
Pick up 23.12.2022 between 13:00 – 15:00 from Hullu Poro Areena

Address: Hissitie 12, 99130 Levi

Price 190 €

Everything is precooked and ready to heat.

* Food is packed to reusable dishes which can be place straight to the Dinner table.
* The ham is packed in a plastic bag and place to the foil dish.
* If you want to gratinate the ham take out of the plastic bag and gratinate the ham with mustard and bread crumbs (mustard and bread crumbs are not included) without in the oven using the foil dish.
* Traditionaly the ham is eaten cold.
* Pate and terrine are not sliced to ensure the highest hygiene.
* Pink sauce in a small pot is the sauce for the beetroot salad and the other one is the mustard sauce for slightly salted salmon.

* Heat the creamy mustard sauce in a sauce pan until it boils.
* Heat the casserols without the lid in oven 160 c for 30 mins
* Everything else is ready to eat

Have a wonderful Christmas!