Lumberjack’s evening at Taivaanvalkeat

Welcome Lumberjack´s evening at Taivaanvalkeat!

The Lumberjack’s evening at Taivaanvalkeat is an experience even before it starts. During the day before the event the guests are given a flannel shirt and an invitation to the party. The invitation doesn´t say much, just the time and place. The rest is left to the guests imagination for now.

When the guests arrive at Taivaanvalkeat, they are greeted by Ritva & Pertti the hostess & host of the lumberjacks cottage. Ritva is a true hostess of the olden times, ever the efficient lady of the house, and Pertti is sometimes a bit hen pecked by the mistress. But Pertti can also have his moments, most of the time behind Ritva´s back.

Ritva & Pertti will take over the course of night, giving the guests old Finnish names, talking only Finnish(language is not a problem as the guests will get a menu in English & a “dictionary” to help them), and inviting guests to competitions.

But during all the activities and excitement, let´s not forget the one thing most important to lumberjacks: the meal time. On the menu we have pork, beef tongue, reindeer sausages, fried potatoes and other old favourites of the hard working men. 

When the guests so wish, an accordionist can be added to the Lumberjack´s evening. This gives the guests the chance to enjoy live music, and dance to old Finnish favourites. If time allows, the evening can also be started in the old lumberjack sauna at Taivaanvalkeat.