Mielenvalkea group menus 2018 – 2019

Menu 1
Caesar salads made with chicken, shrimps or naturel, Romaine salad, Parmesan cheese, bread croutons served with Caesar’s sauce
18,00 €

Menu 2
Potato hashes, choice of: ham, smoked reindeer or smoked salmon, served with green salad and assortment of bread
20,00 €

Menu 3
Salad made with goat cheese, airdried ham, asparagus, egg, season’s salads and rasperry vinaigrette
18,00 €

Menu 4
Sautéed reindeer served with mashed Lappish potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumbers
25,50 €

Menu 5
Creamy soup made with soft cheese and smoked roast of reindeer served with rye lingonberry bread
16,00 €

Menu 6
Reindeer sausages served with mustard and Lappish potato salad
15,00 €

Menu 7
Poppers Combo:
Chicken wings 4 pcs, salami stick 1 pcs, mozzarella poppers 2 pcs, nachos, salsa and dips
11,00 €

Menu 8
Poppers Combo2:
Pepperoni pizza slice 2 pcs, mozzarella sticks 2 pcs, jalapeño poppers 2 pcs, nachos, salsa and dips
15,00 €

Menu 9
Wings Combo
Chicken wings 6 pcs, nachos, salsa, dips. Wings are served with carrots, celery and dip
Choose the level of spiciness: Hot, Hot+ or Crazy
11,00 €

Menu 10
Nachos, salsa and dips
4,50 €

Menu 11
Pizza slice
4,50 €

One menu per group. Bookings to be made at latest 3 days before arrival.
Coffee/tea at an additional cost.
Please inform of any food allergies when ordering the menu.

Reservations Hullu Poro sales tel. +358 16 6510 500 or sales@hulluporo.fi