Hullu Poro sauna services

Sauna is almost a sacret place for finns. It is a place to relax, to forget all the rush. It is a place to become clean both mentally and physically. In sauna it is possible to enjoy the moment as it is. It is possible to just be. 

At Crazy Reindeer we have a lots of saunas including the saunas in several hotel rooms. We have traditional sauna by the river Ounasjoki and a brand new wellness sauna at MindWhite center.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy our saunaservices.

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Crazy Reindeer is a member of Sauna from Finland organisation. Our goal is to improve the Finnish sauna experience.

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MielenValkea – Mind White

Sauna yoga is strongly related to our latest development ‘Mielenvalkea’, `Mind White`. The world's first wellness sauna center.

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Infrared Sauna

Book Infrared sauna from hotel's reception. Price 15€ / per time.