MielenValkea – Mind White

MielenValkea – Mind White

We here at the Crazy Reindeer are used to being the first. For that reason we belong to the pioneers. Now we are focusing on developing our wellness services, so that even more people find their way in to Levi all year round. We have expanded our treatment selection, we cooperate with the world’s northernmost hot yoga studio, KuruYoga, we redesigned and extended the gym and now we offer Sauna yoga for both standard group classes and private classes.

Sauna yoga is strongly related to our latest development ‘MielenValkea’ the Mind White. The world’s first wellness sauna center. 
Sauna is strongly related to Finnish culture, but its use diversifies due to the new technology. Two saunas have been built in the Mind White building; the wellness sauna and the standard sauna. Due to wellness sauna, the classic idea of the sauna evolves. Innovative materials make the space visually beautiful and differ from the old-fashioned sauna. Helo sauna stove ensures soft heat and Helo’s new infrared panels allow the space to be used as the infrared sauna or even as a relaxation space. There are infrared panels for six people. Traditional sauna benches have been replaced by the Kokoro-stools which are exclusively designed for the Helo by Satu Ilomäki. The sauna provides seating from 5 to 12 customers. Stools in the sauna room can be arranged in to circle as the sauna has been built in the uniform level. By rearranging the seating inside the sauna room the sauna experience can be made suitable for the desired situation. We are able to provide individual space for people to have the most pleasant sauna experience.

Sauna yoga welcomes everyone to try the wonders of sauna and its health benefits. Sauna is not only for those who enjoy sitting naked in 80 degrees Celsius temperature. Sauna yoga really is for everyone, also for those who prefer experiencing steam and heat in more moderate temperature (as low as 50 degrees, and light clothing is acceptable). You can experience the essence of sauna yoga as stretching moves and poses that open up your entire body will certainly suit everyone. Also the sauna yoga is taken a step further in Mind White. In the wellness sauna heat-resistant screen and sound equipments have been installed to ensure even more interactive experience as the customer will receive virtual instructions during the sauna yoga session. Before entering into the sauna, there is a screen where the customer will be able to select the desired program. The programs to choose from are relaxation, strengthening or training that targets neck and shoulder area.

We are certainly not trying to virtualize all the classes! We are simply trying to make it easier for everyone to try out sauna yoga on their own time, even outside the organized classes. We will of course organize traditional sauna yoga classes that are run by our trained and qualified yoga teachers. Classes are offered on weekly basis. We can also book you and your group your own private classes.

In addition to saunas, there are spacious premises in Mind White to organize various activities such as mindfulness exercises, relaxation, lectures or training sessions. We also offer the possibility to enjoy the true DIY pampering experience if you choose to design your own luxury treatment day that includes body scrubs and sauna masks. We provide the products that are as local as possible so that you can benefit from the power that persistent Lapland herbs and plants will endow.

 The name ‘Mind White’ describes the sensation that is generated from the relaxed state of the body and mind, when you give yourself time to do nothing and just concentrate on yourself. Together with the fresh clean air in Lapland , exercises and treatments that do good for you and the help of the friendly people, we provide Mielenvalkeus, the piece of mind and body, for you.

Mind White – Content, relaxed and empowering presence. 


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