Christmas buffet dinner

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Christmas Buffet Dinner 24.12.2019
Restaurant Ämmilä
Seatings at 5 pm. & 8 pm.


Herrings á la Ämmilä
Pickled herrings
Cured white baits and onion
Slightly salted white fish and dill
Slightly salted salmon
Selection of fish roes served with sour cream and onion
Smoked salmon
Eggs filled with prawn Skagen

Sweet spiced bread
Malt bread
Lappish flat bread
Rye bread


Liver pâté served with blackcurrant compote
Roast beef  served with mustard cream
Jellied reindeer


Lappish cheese salad
Traditional beetroot salad
Wild mushroom salad

Green salad
Sweet pickled fresh cucumbers and lingonberry jam
Russian style cucumbers pickle


Mustard glazed Christmas ham

 Pork gravy
Smoked roast of reindeer served with wild mushroom stew
Mushy peas
Potato casserole
Turnip casserole
Liver casserole
Carrot casserole


Cloudberry cake
Lappish cheese braised with cream
Gingerbread biscuits
Christmas pies
Chocolate confectionaries
Fruit jellies

Menu 66,00 € / adult

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