Hullu Poro Areena Vip-lounges

What else can be better than night in Hullu Poro Areena (Crazy Reindeer Arena)?  It’s a night in Crazy Reindeer Arena with VIP lounge of course! There is everything that makes your evening successful; seats, bar services and ice gold fridge that makes sure you don’t have to be thirsty!

In Crazy Reindeer Arena we have all top bands, and in the lounge you can hear and see everything properly! The VIP lounges offer excellent venue for private parties like birthdays, bachelor parties or after meeting get-together. Raise a glass, enjoy great food, and cap the night off!
Who would you invite to your VIP lounge?

Turn your next event into a true celebration and book your lounge today. Have a look at our event calendar and choose your favourite. Get in touch with our sales team so we can get this party started right.

We have 6 VIP lounges which can accommodate between 10 and 100 guests. Four smaller lounges are modifiable 10 to 60 guests and two larger lounges accommodate both 100 guests. You can also order food and drinks to the VIP lounge.

Contact our sales team at and the best seats in the house are yours.



Reservations and more information or tel. 016 6510 500.

Sushi Platter
2 ebi nigiri (shripms)
2 shiromasu nigiri (white fish)
2 salmon sashimi (salmon)
4 shake maki (salmon)
4 kappamaki (cucumber)
2 spicy salmon (salmon)
25,00 € / person (min. 4 persons)

Areena Cheese Platter
Brie cheese
Blue cheese Aura Gold
Black label emmental
Fig jam
16,00 € / person (min 4 persons)

Hot Dog Platter
Hot Dogs  (1 pcs / person)
Onion rings
Remoulade sauce
Garlic mayonnaise
15,00 € /  person

Burger platter
Hamburgers (1 pcs / person)
Onion rings
Coleslaw salad
Garlic mayonnaise
Chili sauce
18,00 € / person

Street food platter
Deep fried chicken
Pulled pork wraps
Onion rings
Coleslaw salad
20,00 € / person

Chicken wings
Chicken wings (6 psc / person)
Onion rings
Coleslaw salad
Blue cheese and garlic dips
16,00 € / person

Sausage bar
5 sausages  from the steamer served with potato salad, ketchup, mustard,
remoulade sauce, cucumber relish and roasted onions
12,00 € / person

Please book the catering when you book the lounge.
Please advise in advance of any dietary requirements.

Please book the catering when you book the lounge.