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You can make a table reservation in advance from the attached reservation calendar for a maximum of 8 people. If there are more than 8 or more groups, please fill out the reservation questionnaire or contact our sales service at sales@hulluporo.fi

The reservation is registered under the name of the person making the reservation. If you want a reservation for the name of the company/association, add the information under “Click here to add more information”.

Note! a reservation made through the calendar is always confirmed and valid after data entry, even if there is no email confirmation. Some of the confirmation messages may end up in spam.

Valitse ravintola

Asia Hullu Poro Bistro Ämmilä Pihvipirtti Kammi

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Group menus 2018-2019

Heavenly Feast

Assortment of differently prepared fishes from the mountain brooks, roe, onions,
wild mushroom salad, wild herbs and special Lappish potatoes from our own vegetable garden

Reindeer, Lapland’s game, homemade sausages with season’s root vegetables,
baked potatoes and creamed morels

Blueberry delicacy, oat chips and whipped cream

The dinner will be served from Lappish pine blanks
65,00 €

Served dinner menus

Menu 1
Boletus mushroom soup served with sautéed mushrooms and potato bread
Shank of reindeer served with herb and Lappish potato mash and game sauce
Cloudberry pudding served with roasted white chocolate
64,00 €

Menu 2
Creamy soup of hare served with Lappish rieska bread
Pan fried Arctic char served with Lappish potato mash and morel mushroom sauce
Blueberry pie served with blueberry ice cream
65,00 €

Menu 3
Whitefish and beetroot tartar served with marinated wild mushrooms
Overcooked roast of wild boar served with turnips and Lappish potatoes
Carrot ice cream served with lingonberry sauce
64,00 €

Menu 4
Buckwheat blini served with whitefish roe, onion, sour cream and dill
Roasted fillet of reindeer served with roasted root vegetable purée, spelt grains and game sauce
Spruce bud parfait
73,00 €

Menu 5
Reindeer croquette served with smoked mayonnaise, lingonberries and wild mushrooms.
Served with sourdough bread and reindeer paté.
Glow fried salmon from the Arctic Ocean (cooked outside when customers arrive)
served with roasted roots and Lappish potatoes, chive sauce and pickles
Lappish pannacotta made with buttermilk, blueberries and roasted white chocolate
60,00 €

Served lunch menus

Menu 1
Creamy Arctic char soup served with home baked rye bread
Reindeer meatballs served with mashed potatoes and wild mushroom sauce
Pickled cucumber and lingonberries
Lingonberry pie served with vanilla sauce
32,00 €

Menu 2
Grandma’s salad served with slightly salted salmon and mustard dressing
Roasted white fish served with root vegetable purée and dark dill sauce
Rhubarb and spelt crumble served with cinnamon ice cream
34,00 €

Menu 3
Salad with smoked Lappish fish served with home baked malt bread
Braised side of beef served with mustard sauce and sautéed potatoes
Cream of cloudberries
32,00 €

Menu 4
Sautéed reindeer served with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumbers
28,00 €

Menu 5
Reindeer meatballs, mashed potates and onion sauce
18,00 €

Menu 6
Traditional smoked reindeer soup served with freshly baked bread
14,50 €


Potato hashes, choice of: ham, smoked reindeer or smoked salmon,
served with green salad and assortment of bread
20,00 €

Potato hash with beetroot
18,00 €

Reindeer soup  served with homebaked rye bread
18,00 €

Smoked salmon pie served with green salad
18,00 €

Reindeer sausages and Lappish potato salad
15,00 €

Selection of sushis (valid from 11/17 – 04/18)
26,00 €

Bookings to be made at latest 3 days before arrival.
One menu per group. Coffee/tea at an additional cost.
Please inform of any food allergies when ordering the menu. Groups min. 30 persons.

Reservations and more information tel. +358 16 6510 500 or sales@hulluporo.fi