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Hullu Poro’s meeting catering

Hullu Poro’s meeting catering


Coffee & Bisquit (L) 5,00 €

Fruit assortment incl. coffee & tea (L, G)  8,00 €
Grapes, bananas, apples, mandarin

Cloudberry tiramisu with roasted white chocolate incl. coffee & tea (L, G) 8,50 €

Strawberry cake incl. coffee & tea (L, G) 9,00 €

Pie or cake incl. coffee & tea 8,00 €

  • Cheese cake
  • Forest berry pie
  • Apple pie
  • Tosc pie
  • Chocolate browbie
  • Blueberry bun
  • Butte bun

Fresh porridge served with muesli (L)  8,50 €

Assortment incl. coffee & tea (L) 9,50 €
Danish pastries, doughnuts and profiterols

Blueberry & spruce pud swiss roll incl. coffee & tea (L) 9,00 €

Lappish berry smoothie incl. coffee & tea  (L) 8,50 €
Cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries. Served with raw chocolate and oat biscuit

Blackcurrant raw cake incl. coffee & tea (L, G) 10,00 €


Quiche pies incl. coffee & tea (L) 9,50 €

  • Smoked ham & leek
  • Button mushrooms & Parmesan cheese
  • Smoked salmon and nettle

Lappish wraps incl. coffee & tea  (L) 10,50 €

  • Smoked salmon
  • Smoked reindeer

Foccacias incl coffee & tea 12,50 €

  • Air dried ham, cherry tomatoes and rucola
  • Grilled chicken, tarragon mayonnaise and pickled cucumber
  • Halloumi, beet root hummus, roasted peppers & fresh spinach

Little cocktail scones (L) 12,00 €
Filled with reindeer tongue mousse & lingon berry and arctic char tar tar & horse radish

Hullu Poro smörrebröd incl. coffee & tea (L) 16,00 €

  • Beef pastrami, liver pâté, horseradish mayonnaise, boiled egg and pickled cucumbers
  • Cold smoked salmon, shrimps, lemon mayonnaise, boiled egg and pickled cucumbers


Rates are per person.
Buffet is served in the front of meeting room.
Minimum 4 persons, maximum 420 persons.
One menu per group.
Bookings to be made 3 days before arrival.
Suitable alternatives will be provided with special diets when informed well in advance.

Revervations tel. +358166510500 or sales@hulluporo.fi