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Lauri Haav

Ovet klo 21:00
Tickets alk. 25,50 €
Showtime 23:30

Melo, Jore & Zpoppa

Ovet klo 21:00
Tickets alk. 20,50 €
Showtime 23:30

90s EuroDance Mayday: DJ Oku Luukkainen

Ovet klo 21:00
Tickets alk. 20,50 €
Showtime 23:30

90s EuroDance Mayday: Günther, Mr. President

Ovet klo 21:00
Tickets alk. 25,50 €

Enviromental and Quality Policy

Hullu Poro’s environmental management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14 001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO9001quality standards . Hotel Hullu Poro received Sustainable Travel Finland label in June 2020.

Tourism attracts tourists to Lapland. Hullu Poro is a strong pioneer leading the way in the region. The hotel is continuously innovating and evolving its work community, versatile services and providing excellent customer service with a relaxed atmosphere. Behind every success, there is a lot of hard work involved. Two of the most critical factors for the hotel are its international quality and environmental management systems. These systems are audited by an external and impartial certification body almost every year.

Hullu Poro is fighting its own war on climate change with its environmental management system. The quality management system guarantees that the system’s users use a customer-oriented business model and guarantee clear employment policies for employees.

Quality never sleeps, and so we must always work hard to maintain quality levels at all times. Quality standards are a valuable tool for considering areas of improvement. We paid particular attention to mapping out risks and risk management. Our strength is our employees. Our staff have worked in the hotel for a long time and are very committed to their roles.

Enviromental Policy

We have identified environmental aspects which includes the ecological impact of procurements, energy saving, waste management, and customer perspectives.

We promote sustainable tourism through our activities. Sustainable tourism is an essential part of our business.

We require our suppliers to act in an environmentally conscious manner when it comes to procurement. We are actively looking to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

Hullu Poro has an energy-saving and investment project that looks to save 11% in energy consumption.

Hullu Poro works closely with Siemens to save energy and monitor usage automatically.

Hullu Poro is a role model when it comes to electric cars, as the staff using seven electric cars and customers can use one of its nine charging stations.

Hullu Poro’s operations take the seasons and seasonal variations into account.

The company manages its own waste. Reuse is also part of the company’s normal operations and biowaste collection commenced from January 2020.

Hullu Poro Oy encourages and guides staff and tourists to take positive everyday actions and practice good holiday habits to try to save and respect the environment together.

Hullu Poro Oy is committed to protecting the environment by taking all of these measures to protect it.

Hullu Poro Oy’s management is committed to the continuous improvement of the company’s environmental system by evaluating the functionality of its environmental system in the annual management review.

All our operations are based on applicable laws and regulations.

The company’s environmental management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14 001 Environmental Management Systems.




ISO 14001 certificate granted to Hotel Hullu Poro

Here at Hullu Poro, we take active steps to develop our quality standards.

We measure, monitor, maintain, and continuously improve our daily operations.

Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy has awarded Hullu Poro the ISO 9001:2008 certification (No. 8714:01) on 30 November 2015 and the ISO 14001:2015 certification (No. 9353:01) in 2016.

These certifications cover corporate environmental responsibility and an environmental management system.

These certification areas are strategic management, quality systems, reception and meeting services, breakfast at restaurant Taivas, cleaning, environmental management and upkeep, and sales service.

We measure our customer and employee satisfaction at regular intervals.

We monitor the quality of our processes by measuring them regularly.

We continuously improve our operations and management systems through internal audits and assess them based on quality certification frameworks/models.

Our teams monitor customer satisfaction developments as part of our scorecard monitoring system and action plan.

Our teams monitor customer comments using customer feedback forms we’ve collected from customers and raise issues during team meetings.

Employee satisfaction is surveyed every year.

We operate in a way that respects the environment and nature while taking them into account in all our activities.

Our quality management system is documented in our quality manual. All of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards apply to our quality management system.

The quality manual covers Hullu Poro Oy’s entire operations. Hullu Poro Oy was awarded ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certification in 2016 for its accommodation, catering, real estate, cleaning, and sales activities. This certification is reviewed annually.




Sustainable Travel Finland

Hotel Hullu Poro received Sustainable Travel Finland label in June 2020.

Companies with the STF label are forerunners in sustainable tourism.

They constantly aim to mitigate the harmful impact of their operations on our planet, its people, and communities.

One of the steps in the STF programme is certification: the STF labelled companies have a sustainability certificate, audited by a third party, to guarantee high-quality and long-term development in order to provide sustainable tourism services.

The Sustainable Travel Finland label is only given to companies that meet a strict set of criteria.