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The family owned Hullu Poro welcomes you to Levi, Finland. For more than 25 years our resort has been operating hotels, restaurants and an Elves Experience Village in the arctic Lapland.

Times have changed a great deal since I opened the Porogrilli restaurant in 1981. We opened Hullu Poro, our first hotel, in 1988. It is now very well known and loved amongst the visitors from all over the world. Our restaurants and pubs cater many tastes of the local and international travellers offering everything from local cuisine to Asian delicacies. Our Hotel Hullu Poro is located in center of Levi, next to the slopes, restaurants and shops. Our two boutique hotels Taivaanvalkeat and Blueberry Villa are situated in the middle of the nature in a beautiful country setting by the Ounasjoki river. This location offers our guests unique access to our Elves Village with adventures and activities for the whole family. In 2013 we also opened Hullu Poro hostel for those who prefer high quality rooms with competitive prices.

As time has passed and our business has grown from one restaurant to multi-site resort, we were facing the fact that we need a new internationally recognizable family brand to bring all our different operations under the same umbrella. Lapland is the home of Santa Claus, Elves and many magical creatures and every year thousands of families travel here to experience the magic. Our Hullu Poro concept was born out of our love to the local heritage and Nordic nature. All of our hotels, restaurants, activities and adventures are bringing individual travellers, couples, friends and families together. We and our team welcome you to experience the wonders of the arctic Lapland.

Päivikki Palosaari, Owner


Hullu Poro Oy
Rakkavaarantie 5, FI-99130 LEVI

Hullu Poro exchange tel. +35816 6510 100, hotel@hulluporo.fi, hullu.poro@levi.fi
Sales Department tel. +35816 6510 500 sales@hulluporo.fi

Levi Center Hullu Poro is:

  • 400 soft beds
  • 1300 meeting places
  • 17 different restaurant
  • 4000 restaurant places
  • 90 wellnes treatments
  • 90 top band on a year

Hullu Poro Ltd: FI2458663-2