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Mielenvalkea Sauna And Sauna Services

Sauna from Finland ry has awarded MielenValkea Wellness Sauna Lumi the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate.  MielenValkea Wellness Sauna Lumi implements the core values of an authentic Finnish Sauna experience: authenticity, multi-sensory, presence, relaxation, cleanliness, and well-being.

Your whole body relaxes in the sauna

MielenValkea is the feeling when a person gives in to themselves, both body and mind. In the clean environment of Lapland, we bring you peace of mind with the help of the sauna that does you a world of good for you with the help of our friendly staff.

MielenValkea has two saunas: the wellness sauna “Lumi” and the traditional sauna “Noki”. Both saunas have their own soul.

The wellness sauna Lumi and the more traditional sauna Noki

The wellness sauna Lumi is built using new and modern materials that make the space visually beautiful, the electric Helo sauna kiuas gives off a gentle heat and the new infrared Helo panels allow the space to be used as an infrared sauna or as a relaxation room. The traditional sauna benches have been replaced with Kokoro sauna benches. There is enough seating for up to 12 people and enough infrared panels for up to six people.

Noki is a more traditional sauna where water is thrown on the hot stones topping the kiuas (a special stove used to warm up the sauna). Its U-shaped benches can accommodate even large groups and enjoy the heat.



The fireplace room and rest area

Both saunas have a cosy fireplace room and a rest area. MielenValkea also has a room for groups where seminars, relaxation exercises or catered events may be held. All of the facilities can be booked for private use and catering can be provided if requested.


Lumi 180 € / 2 hours / max. 12 persons

The Lumi sauna has a traditional kiuas, infrared panels and a virtual sauna yoga programme.

Noki 180 € / 2 hours / max. 12 persons.

The Noki is a more traditional sauna where water is thrown on the hot stones topping the kiuas.

Book both sauna areas for 360 € / 2 hours

Extra hours

50 € / hour / sauna
100 € / hour / both sauna areas
Towels 6 € / person

Additional services

Reindeer Sauna Yoga min. 4 persons / 25 € /person

Catering, ask an offer!

Reservations and additional information: Contact the Hullu Poro sales service team on +358 16 6510 500 or via e-mail sales@hulluporo.fi

Sivulantie 9, 99130 Kittilä, Suomi