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Gym in Hotel Hullu Poro

The Hotel Hullu Poro gym has had an upgrade. The renovated gym is bright and spacious. The stunning scenic walls make you feel like you are working out in the clouds or exercising in the woods.

The gym has David gym equipment. The gym also features a Star Trac treadmill, exercise bike, spinning bike, rowing machine, punching bag, stretching room, and a weights room.  You can relax in the hotel’s sauna and spa area after your gym session.


Free of charge for hotel Hullu Poro guests. You can access the gym with your room keycard.

Other guests:
1 time 9,00 €
10 times 72,00 €
3 months 89,00 €
6 months 149,00 €


Opening hours

Gym is open every dat 8:00 am. – 9:00 pm.

After training you can go and enjoy Hotel Hullu Poro’s Sauna and bath department in the same price  from 5 pm. – 9 pm.

Train with a tablet

Train with a tablet at the gym. Borrow one of our tablets preloaded with training exercises and step-by-step instructions from the reception desk at Hotel Hullu Poro.

David kuntolaitteet:
Selänojennuslaite, 5/70 kg
Vartalonkiertolaite, 5/70 kg
Vatsalaite 5/70 kg
Vartalontaivutuslaite, 5/70 kg
Pakaralaite 5/100 kg
Loitontajalaite 5/70 kg
Takaolkapäälaite 5/70
Rintalihaslaite 5/70
Hack -kyykky 5/150 kg
Ylätalja 5/100 kg
Soututalja 5/100 kg
Kiskopunnerrus / vetolaite 5/100 kg
Säädettävä tasa / vinopenkki (sis. M 30)
Säädettävä ylä / alatalja 2,5/70 kg
Star Track kuntolaitteet:
Star Trac Pro kuntopyörä “recumbent”
Star Trac Johnny G. Spinner Elite Spinning-pyörä
Body Tone Propus -juoksumatto
Crosstrainer -laite
Lisäksi:Concept2 sisäsoutulaite
Käsipainosarja 1-10 kg (1 kg.n välein)
Käsipainosarja 11-21 kg (2,5 kg:n välein)

Hullu Poro I, 99130 Kittilä, Suomi