At Taivaanvalkeat, 8 km from Levi, you can have a unique enjoyment of sauna. The spacious sauna by the Ounasjoki river can host for up to 15 persons. The gentle heat and steam of this 100 years old log sauna purifies your mind and body. You can choose between two purifying treatments in the sauna, peat or honey – or enjoy both! Ice swimming is for those brave ones who do not mind the degrees of water. If ice swimming does not tempt you, jump into the ‘Hot spring’ Jacuzzi under the midnight sun or northern lights. Cool off in the riverside barn where sauna whisks made in summer are dried for use in winter.

In Levi, nature and sauna go hand in hand in many ways. MielenValkea’s sauna is situated in Atri area 2 kilometres from the centre of Levi.
There are two big saunas: Lumi and Noki. Lumi is specially designed for sauna yoga and also has a screen for virtual guidance when a group wishes to do yoga on their own. The sauna facilities can accommodate up to 40 bathers at a time. MielenValkea is an ideal place for small meetings, a relaxed evening get-together or to top off a day out. You can reach the sauna on foot or by car, snowmobile or village bicycle.