Make a table reservation

You can make a table reservation in advance from the attached reservation calendar for a maximum of 8 people. If there are more than 8 or more groups, please fill out the reservation questionnaire or contact our sales service at sales@hulluporo.fi

The reservation is registered under the name of the person making the reservation. If you want a reservation for the name of the company/association, add the information under “Click here to add more information”.

Note! a reservation made through the calendar is always confirmed and valid after data entry, even if there is no email confirmation. Some of the confirmation messages may end up in spam.

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Semi-fixed AV trolleys
4 pcs (Kevät, Kesä, Syksy, Talvi and Taivas)
– Local controller, touch screen 7″ Cuetouch, from which: lights, sound, mics, screens, video projectors, PCs and other peripherals are controlled.

Video projector (integral)
1 pcs Panasonic PT-EZ 770 ZEJ  (Kevät, aimed at the stage)
3 pcs Panasonic PT-RZ 570 WEJ laser  (Kesä, Syksy and Talvi)
4 pcs movable video projectors: Panasonic PT -VW350

White screens (integral)
3 pcs Electric motor screen, 274 x 274 cm, matt screen (Kesä, Syksy and Talvi)
1 pcs Electric motor screen, 366 x 366 cm, matt screen (Kevät)
5 pcs White screen (Taivas group meetings)
1 pcs White screen (Taivas dinner hall)

5 pcss cordless hand microphone
5 pcs cordless tie microphone
15 pcs Gooseneck microphone + table stand

8 pcs sreencs  Panasonic TH-43 LFE8E  43″ (Kevät, Kesä, Syksy and Talvi)
6 pcs screens Panasonic TH-43 LFE8E  43″ (meeting hall, hall)

Video cameras
1 pcs integral main video camera, Panasonic AW-UE70WEJ  4K (Kevät)
1 pcs movable video camera, Panasonic AG-DVX 200 EJ + gimpal

Others AV-equipment, (common technical space or reception)
1 pcs Streamer / recorder Extron SMP111
1 pcs PC-chooser 3/1+1 + audio
1 pcs Public address system
1 pcs Conference phone

Sound system
Fixed speaker system in all rooms.
As a guiding audio matrix Yamaha MRX 7D.
2 pcs speakers (kevät) Nexo PS15
2 pcs speakers SUB Nexo LS1200
2 pcs speakers Nexo PS8 (kesä, syksy, talvi)

Wireless (Wi-fi) and the wired network is freely available to our meeting customers. You can access the network without a password.

More information
Hullu Poro sales deparment tel. +358 16 6510 500, email. sales@hulluporo.fi