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Saltroom in Hotel Hullu Poro

Saltroom is located Hotel Hullu Poro wellness department

The saltroom has been coated with mountainsalt from top to bottom.

During the treatment (40min) extreamly fine saltdust is sprayed in to the room.

When breathing in the air the fine saltdust decreases infections and releases mucus from the respiratory ducts.

The saltroom treatment is very good e.g. for treating asthma and psoriasis and is also very beneficial for the skin by retaining moisture and disinfecting. The saltroom treatment can be used as a preventive and cleansing treatment even if you don´t have any illnesses and is suitable for all ages and also for babies.
The treatment is most effective when taken as a series of treatments.

Treatment 40 min. / adult / time.
Children under 8 v. 10 min. / time.

Prices: 25 € / 40 min / person (5x 100 €, 10x 180 €)


Hotel Hullu Poro reception or tel: +358 16 6510 100