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Northern Lights Hut

If you want to have a true Lappish experience, head to Revontulikota - Northern Lights hut.

Tonttula’s Norhtern Light Hut located 8 km from Levi. This warm tee-pee is located only 8 km from Levi Center. It is easy to approach with car, bus, snow mobile, snow shoes or even kick sled.

Hut for every meetings

If you want to have a true Lappish experience, head to Revontulikota, Northern Lights hut, which is planned especially for observing the northern lights. Enjoy a delicious dinner by open fire for 10-40 persons and admire the twinkling stars or the northern lights from the windows upstairs.  It has indoor toilets.

Evening maybe ends to Northern Lights

This two-storey hut is a perfect place to organize wonderful events and enjoy beautiful nature – and if you’re lucky, the dance of colors above you.

More information and reservations tel. +35816 6510 500 or sales@hulluporo.fi .

Revontultentie 50, 99140 Köngäs, Suomi