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You can make a table reservation in advance from the attached reservation calendar for a maximum of 8 people. If there are more than 8 or more groups, please fill out the reservation questionnaire or contact our sales service at sales@hulluporo.fi

The reservation is registered under the name of the person making the reservation. If you want a reservation for the name of the company/association, add the information under “Click here to add more information”.

Note! a reservation made through the calendar is always confirmed and valid after data entry, even if there is no email confirmation. Some of the confirmation messages may end up in spam.

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Created on April 23rd, 2008 (reviewed on September 12th, 2012 and May 13th, 2018)

Privacy policy is a combined register information and informing document.
Personal information act (523/99) 10 and 24 § (

1 Register holder
Hullu Poro Oy
Rakkavaarantie 5, 99130 Levi
Business ID: 2458663-2

2 Contact person in matters regarding the register
Jonna Köngäs
+358 405463816

3 Register name
Hullu Poro Oy

4 The purpose of processing personal information (the use of the register)

Register holder processes customers’ personal information for the following purposes:

  • Overall marketing and customer communications of the register holder’s services and products.
    Communications in association with the booking may be sent to the person in this register in reasonable intervals and send information via e-mail on current topics, events, products or services on Hullu Poro.
  • Development of the register holder’s website and electronic services and related customer services.
  • For establishing, actualising, managing, invoicing and carrying out a customer relationship.
  • For customer contacts, registering booking information, publicity, upkeeping, statistics, analysing and development work that are requires for customer relationship or similar connection.
  • Making table reservations for customers’ dining and booking conference facilities.
  • Customer feedback information: information on customer satisfaction, comments on register holder’s services and other information received with customer’s approval.
  • We collect personal and other data that is necessary for recruiting. The information collected is used only on recruiting purposes.
  • For taking customers’ wishes into account, developing customer service and targeting supply.

5 Information content of the register

User specific information content of the register may vary according to which information is necessary and appropriate.

  • Customer information: first and last name, date of birth, customer ID, contact details (e.g. Phone number and e-mail or some other electronic address) for contacting, gender, nationality, the number of adults and children stayed overnight with the customer and invoicing details.
  • Booking details (e.g. Information on previous bookings and future bookings)

Information on the use of services: e.g. Using, buying and cancelling services

  • Information relating to customer’s wishes and choices
  • Information on customer’s method of payment and payment behaviour, invoicing information
  • Customer’s consent for direct marketing via e-mail, sms and other automatic systems.
  • Information on refusing direct advertising, remote sales and other direct marketing applicable by law
  • Other information collected with the customer’s consent (e.g. Information on restrictions of mobility, disabilities or illnesses notified by the customer that are important for conducting the service he/she requires)
  • Website visits and other activities in internet services
  • Information related to conducting communications and use of services like browsing and search information
  • Information collected on the use of services (behaviour information) and information on the device used by the registered such as device, IP-address and operating system
  • Messages sent via contact form are archived into the service
  • Information collected via electronic recruiting form with customer’s consent

6 Regular data sources

  • A person in the register has left their contact information via forms in the address www.hulluporo.fi. This information is automatically saved in the register while customer uses the service.
  • The register holder registers the information which the user notifies him/herself while using the electronic services of Hullu Poro Oy.
  • Received from the client him/herself via e-mail or phone and based on an existing customer relationship.
  • We use remarketing functions with which we can monitor customer’s activities on our website.
  • In addition, personal information may be collected i.e. From social medias related to register holder’s activities where information on the registered person is available.

7 Regular data give away or transferring data outside EU or European economic region

Information is not given to outsiders in any other situations than when it is necessary for successful communication and even then considering the personal information law.

We transfer information for direct marketing purposes only according to personal information act 19§. In specific circumstances your information may be transferred outside EU. Some of the cloud services we use may be located outside EU e.g. in the services of international operators like Microsoft 36.5 or Google

While transferring the data outside EU we try to make sure that the EU commission considers the target country has sufficient data protection, the endorsee has Privacy Shield certification (endorsees located in the US) or the transfer is conducted by using the example clauses published by the EU commission.

8 Planned deadlines for removing data groups

The data included in the register are removed when they don’t have use anymore unless the current law does not tell otherwise.

9 Rights of the registered

  • The right to review registered data of oneself
    The registered has a right according to personal data act 26§ to review their saved data in Hullu Poro Oy register without any fee once a year. Request for review should be sent to the address mentioned in section 2. The person must supply sufficient proof of identity. Hullu Poro Oy will provide their answer in writing to the registered within 30 days after the register holder has received the request for review from the registered.
  • The right to correct, complete and ask the register holder to remove data
    The register holder will remove, correct or complete data that is wrong, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated regarding processing spontaneously or on request.
    If the registered data have errors the registered may ask the person in charge of the register matters mentioned in section 2 to fix the issue.
  • While processing the personal information saved in Hullu Poro Oy register we comply with the Personal data act (523/99) and its regulations.
  • Prohibiting communications based on cookies is done vie the user’s browser settings.

10 Principles of protecting the register

Processing data is carried out electronically in the system of the service provider. Only the marketing and communications personnel of Hullu Poro Oy and the people whose job tasks are essentially connected with communications can access this system. They have a right to process Hullu Poro Oy customer data and access the system. They are tied by professional confidentiality. Each user has their own username and password. Information submitted to www.hulluporo.fi register of Hullu Poro Oy are given out only inside Hullu Poro Oy for the purposes mentioned above. The data is not given forward to any other parties or affiliates.

The data is collected to service databases which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Access to databases is limited to necessary persons only. The computers are guarded so that inappropriate persons or directions have no access to the registered data. Safety copies are placed in locked and guarded facilities and only certain, predefined persons can access them.

The data is not kept in manual form.

11 Information regarding the EU GDPR

We are aware of the GDPR that is coming, and the changes associated with it. Transition time is until 25th of May 2018 and by that date we aim to change our activities so that the requirements are fulfilled. For more information, visit: http://www.tietosuoja.fi/fi/index/euntietosuojauudistus/kysymyksiajavastauksia.html

If you wish to review the data collected on you or remove information from all of our registers, please contact the person on charge of register matters.

12 Updating of the privacy policy

Hullu Poro Oy constantly aims to develop its electronic services and that’s why this document may be updated from time to time to match the changing situations. Hullu Poro Oy reserves the right to change this register information.