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Mrs Päivikki Palosaari started her conquering of travel business in 1988 by buying a small holiday village with a cafeteria, called Levin Loma Oy. By the year 1990 the restaurant had acquired full alcohol license and was offering à la carte dining, and the Hullu Poro (Crazy Reindeer) was born. Since then the restaurant Hullu Poro has expanded several times.

The start of the accommodation business was during the winter 1989 – 1990 when 12 holiday apartments were built next to the restaurant. In 1992, on Valentine’s Day, the first apartment building with hotel rooms was opened along with the slope restaurant Villi Intiaani. In 1993 the Kammi-restaurant was opened, and it is still today one of the most popular restaurants at Levi. Few year later, in 1995, Taivaanvalkeat (Skylights) at village Köngäs 8 km from Levi was constructed.

During the spring 1998 the opening of new hotel and restaurant building took place – Valkea Vaadin (White Reindeer) with an à la carte restaurant, 21 rooms and 11 suites. In the spring 1999 two meeting rooms were ready at the Hullu Poro Apartments, called Poron Holvi and Poron Pirtti. Also new sauna and jazucci were added to the services.

In June 1999, Paivikki bought the Lomari cottages from the other side of the road to Hullu Poro. These cottages were named Porokartano 1 – 11. These cottages were renovated on the outside so that they would blend in with rest of Hullu Poro.

Autumn 1999 saw the opening of Elves` Cottage at Taivaanvalkeat . The next step for Hullu Poro Oy was taken on Valentine’s Day in 2000 when restaurant Pihvipirtti (Steakhouse) was opened as well as a new accommodation building with 36 new rooms.

Hullu Poro Areena saw daylight in the spring 2001, and was a significant addition to Levi’s night life and conference facilities.

For the season 2006 a new conference and hotel building was opened with 45 new rooms and  conference facilities for up to 300 persons, equipped with up-to-date meeting technology.

During the summer 2008 6 new restaurants were opened in Levin Tori along with 1000m2 of space for shops and a Day Spa.

A renovation of the oldest hotel building, Crazy Reindeer took place during summer 2009….