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You can make a table reservation in advance from the attached reservation calendar for a maximum of 8 people. If there are more than 8 or more groups, please fill out the reservation questionnaire or contact our sales service at sales@hulluporo.fi

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We opened Hullu Poro, our first hotel, in 1988. It is now very well known and loved amongst the visitors from all over the world. In Hotel Hullu Poro, we have 158 rooms and meetings facilities up to 300 persons. We have 13 different restaurant and those are located at Levi Center. We have also wellness department in two places – at Hotel Hullu Poro and at Levi Tori square. The family owned Hullu Poro welcomes you to Levi, Finland.
Owner Päivikki Palosaari

Hullu Poro Ltd

Hullu Poro Ltd
Rakkavaarantie 5, FI-99130 LEVI

Hullu Poro exchange tel. +35816 6510 100, hotel@hulluporo.fi, hullu.poro@levi.fi
Sales Department tel. +35816 6510 500 sales@hulluporo.fi

Hullu Poro Oy Ltd.: 2458663-2

Levi Center Hullu Poro

  • 480 soft beds
  • 1300 meeting places
  • 13 different restaurant
  • 4000 restaurant places
  • 90 wellness treatments
  • 90 top bands on a year

Hullu Poro’s mission

Hullu Poro is feelings, sounds and taste


Hullu Poron vision 2025

Hullu Poro is a world-renowned Laplandic and distinctive resort. The hotel’s business in Levi includes chalet accommodation, all-inclusive theme hotels, hotel and hostel activities, and VIP/Penthouse accommodation. Meeting offerings have been differentiated through the production of experience conference services, taking advantage of multiple facilities and creating new opportunities offered by nature and technology. The Hullu Poro Experience Park is located in Taivaanvalkeat, which has become an internationally renowned natural adventure, fishing and experience complex. Restaurant operations have expanded with new restaurant facilities and casino operations. Hullu Poro is a recognised pioneer in Finland. Hullu Poro’s well-being business has focused on the chalet housing and Taivaanvalkeat environment. An environmental management system is in use. Our operating policies are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Our waste recycling rate is over 80%.

Hullu Poro’s values

* LAPPISH: We respect Lapland nature and culture.
* INNOVATIVE: We question and develop new all the time.
* RESPONSIBLE: We keep what we promise.
* EXPERIENTAL: We produce feelings, sounds and taste.

Hullu Poro pioneering culture rules

1.  We are a model for others – we save, we recycle, and we take care of our working environment.
2.  We listen to our customers – We collect feedback and we act.
3.  We offer praise and gratitude – We empower and encourage others.
4.  We have the courage to give direct feedback – We learn from the feedback we receive.
5.  Our difference is our strength – we are not copycats, we create our own path.

The blue and white reindeer – The story of Hullu Poro

That night in the ’60s, Päivikki was on her way home from school. The northern lights wandered across the sky of the Köngäs village. Also known as the  Taivaanvalkeat (White Northern Lights), they were brighter and clearer than Päivikki had ever seen. There were two reindeer running over the northern sky one blue, one white.  Of the two, the spirit of the blue reindeer later became known as the Hullu Poro. It was the beginning of Levi’s enchantment, which eventually grew over the years to its present form. But the other white reindeer flew further into the sky and turned into an eagle. That eagle landed on the roof of a granary as a sign of impending transformation. This is how a place that became so special and protected became known as Taivaanvalkeat (the White Northern Lights).  At Levi, you’ll meet both reindeer if you want: the blue Hullu Poro, that rocks with you all the way to morning or the white Taivaanvalkeat reindeer that takes care of the whole family, body and soul.