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You can make a table reservation in advance from the attached reservation calendar for a maximum of 8 people. If there are more than 8 or more groups, please fill out the reservation questionnaire or contact our sales service at sales@hulluporo.fi

The reservation is registered under the name of the person making the reservation. If you want a reservation for the name of the company/association, add the information under “Click here to add more information”.

Note! a reservation made through the calendar is always confirmed and valid after data entry, even if there is no email confirmation. Some of the confirmation messages may end up in spam.

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The best family celebrations you'll ever have will be at Hullu Poro

You are welcome to come celebrate your unforgettable special event at Hullu Poro in Levi.

When your special event is held at a special place, it makes it an exciting event that will be remembered for many years to come. Levi has also held traditional birthday parties, weddings, retirement parties, wedding vow renewal parties, and divorce parties and more.

Many special events are held at Hullu Poro

It’s great to plan a trip and an event with a bunch of people or plan a surprise party to celebrate someone.

At one of the retirement parties held at Hullu Poro, the retiree thought he was going to have a pleasant vacation in Levi, but instead he had the time of his life when half of his family was there and had organised a festive dinner at the Northern Lights hut and a lively after-party.

There are plenty of venues to choose from in Hullu Poro.

There are venues for every special event

The Elves’ Experience Village can host a variety of different kinds of special events depending on the occasion and any special requirements. One of the special events at the Northern Lights hut had a wild Halloween themed birthday party for two 8-year olds.

Fairy tale weddings at the Elves’ Village

Weddings are perhaps the most common special event in the Elves’ Village in the grand hall, but there is room for larger special events too. There are a couple hundred seats in the Elves’ Village grand hall.

The Riverside Kiln of Elves’ Village

The riverside kiln of Elves’ Village is a lovely place for a party of ten. The atmospheric kiln sits right on the bank of Ounasjoki river surrounded by fireplaces and wooden furniture. The kiln can provide your group with a beautiful evening dinner service and guests can enjoy the rest of the evening  in the beautiful wooden sauna next door.

Large Special Events at Hullu Poro Areena

When you have the urge to party all night long, you can book the whole Hullu Poro Areena for your next exclusive party venue. There’s room for large families and your neighbours too! The event host and a band are allowed to perform on stage. Food is served on a spectacular buffet or on serving tables. The lounge seating arrangement can be rearranged into different arrangements and the area can be turned into a two-storey venue for the festivities. What kind of special event do you want to have?

Reservations and additional information:  Hullu Poro sales service tel. +358 16 6510 500 or sales@hulluporo.fi