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Revontulikota menu 2018 – 2019

Northern Lights kota menu

Menu 1
The menu will be served (buffet) around an open fire

Creamy soup of smoked reindeer served with malt bread
Glow fried salmon served with boletus mushroom sauce, baked potatoes and roasted root vegetables
Lingonberry bavaroise, roasted white chocolate and lingonberry jam
Pot Coffee
64,00 €

Menu 2
Over cooked leg of reindeer served with parsnip purée and cranberry compote
Whole fried whitefish on a stick served with Lappish potatoes, onion butter sauce and sour cream
Rye bread & butter
Blueberry bake
Pot Coffee
75,00 €

Menu 3
Creamy soup made with slightly salted Arctic char served with rye bread and butter
Smoked pork neck and reindeer sausages served with game sauce, blackcurrant and herb & potato mash
Spruce bud pudding served with puffed spelt barleysPot coffee
64,00 €

Minimum 20 persons. Bookings to be made 3 days before arrival.
Please advise in advance of any dietary requirements

Reservations Hullu Poron myyntipalvelu tel. +16 6510 500 or sales@hulluporo.fi