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You can make a table reservation in advance from the attached reservation calendar for a maximum of 8 people. If there are more than 8 or more groups, please fill out the reservation questionnaire or contact our sales service at sales@hulluporo.fi

The reservation is registered under the name of the person making the reservation. If you want a reservation for the name of the company/association, add the information under “Click here to add more information”.

Note! a reservation made through the calendar is always confirmed and valid after data entry, even if there is no email confirmation. Some of the confirmation messages may end up in spam.

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Northern Lights Kota group menu

Lunch menu

Served with Lapland flatbread, traditional rye bread, and butter.

Served with Lapland flatbread, traditional rye bread, and butter.

Served with Lapland flatbread, traditional rye bread, and butter.

SPICED LENTIL STEW (Vegan, Gluten-Free) 30 €
Harissa yogurt and pumpkin seed oil complement this dish.

Paired with roasted root vegetables, Lappish “Puikula” potatoes, sour cream sauce, and pickled cucumbers served with rye bread and butter.

Served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, pickles and rye bread & butter


Northern Lighst Kota lunches include either campfire coffee or steeped black tea.


Additional Desserts (for an extra charge):

  • Shrove Bun (Laskiaispulla): 4 €
  • Thin Pancakes with Jam and Whipped Cream (Räiskäleitä): 6 €

Dinner menu for groups

Menu 1

Served by the Open Fire, dessert served at the table.

Thyme-infused smoked reindeer soup with malt bread (L)

Grilled salmon, dill sour cream sauce, campfire root vegetables, and oven-baked potatoes (L, G)

Lingonberry bavaroise, roasted white chocolate, and lingonberry jam (L, G)

Campfire coffee

70 €


Menu 2

Table Service.

Reindeer rillette, root parsley puree, spruce oil, and cranberry compote (L, G)

Whole-grilled whitefish (tikkusiikaa), onion butter, Puikula potatoes, and cold dill sauce (L, G)

Rye bread and butter

Blueberry karelian pie with condensed blueberry milk (L)

Campfire coffee

79 €


Menu 3

Main Course Served by the Open Fire.

Fondue: Traditional 3-cheese sauce made from Emmental, Comte, and Tomme cheeses in an iron pot served with sourdough bread, vegetables, and chorizo sausage for dipping

Campfire-cooked gnocchi, slow-cooked Meri-Lapland lamb neck, and reduced Jerusalem artichoke broth

Väinönputki (Angelica archangelica) pie and warm caramel sauce

Campfire coffee

75 €


Menu 4

Table Service.

Fisherman’s soup and traditional bread

Shepherd’s pie (L, G): Overcooked reindeer roast with sautéed mushrooms, garlic, and herbs, served on potato purée

Cloudberry tiramisu (L)

Campfire coffee

74 €


Menu 5

Table Service.

Buckwheat blinis with whitefish roe, onion, and sour cream (L)

Fire-grilled reindeer fillet, herb and garlic Lappish “Puikula” potato purée, game sauce (L, G)

Lingonberry pudding and roasted white chocolate (L, G)

Campfire coffee

86 €


Menu 6

Main Course Served by the Open Fire.

Creamy Arctic char soup with rye bread (L)

Fire-cooked venison roast, dark lovage sauce, homemade blackcurrant jam, and herb-infused potato mash (L, G)

Piimäjuusto (traditional Finnish curd cheese) with blueberries, spruce tip syrup, and crispy spelt (L)

Campfire coffee

78 €


Menu 7

Main Course Served by the Open Fire.

Root vegetable soup flavored with lovage (L, G)

Arctic char tartare, roasted turnip kimchi, and cilantro sprouts (L, G)

Smoked reindeer roast, cranberries, and marinated hedgehog mushrooms (L, G)

Sourdough bread, reindeer liver pâté, and currants (L)

Main Courses:
Smoked salmon steaks, wild herb sauce, and cucumber-onion relish (L, G)

Mushroom, bacon, and green bean dish (L, G)

Reindeer burgers and potato buns (L)

Oven-baked potatoes and dill pickle sour cream


Raspberry brownie (L, G)

Spruce tip cream (L, G)

Campfire coffee

79 €

Additional information and reservations

Hullu Poro Sales department

or fill out the group reservation enquiries form

Rakkavaarantie 3, 99130 Levi

  • The minimum food sales for Northern Lights Kota private events is 1500 €, if this is not reached, we will charge the missing amount as space rent
  • We ask for a consistent menu selection
  • Private event
  • Orders no later than 7 days before arrival
  • We ask that you notify us of possible food allergies 7 days in advance
  • We consider vegetarians and other special diets on a case-by-case basis