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ISO 9001 certificate granted to Hotel Hullu Poro

Hotel Hullu Poro, owned by Päivikki Palosaari in Levi, has been recognized for long-term dedication to quality development: the company’s quality management system was granted the ISO 9001 certificate. The certificate proves that the services, management systems and competence of the employees correspond with international and national requirements.

The ISO 9001 certificate is a valid proof provided by a third party that shows that the company strives for quality, safety, sustainable development and reliability in performance and delivery. The certificate was granted by Inspecta, Finland’s market leader in certifying management systems.

“When the processes and background operations are done properly, you can sleep well at night,” says Päivikki Palosaari, an entrepreneur and the CEO of the company. “Due to strong seasonal fluctuation, it is very important that the operations are smooth both from the customer’s and the employee’s point of view.”

“It is easy for the employees to internalise the company’s strategy and working methods, when working instructions are clearly formulated and quality is monitored on all levels of operations,” explains Annukka Paksuniemi, the quality and human resource manager.

The ISO certification is especially valued in the travel, hotel and restaurant industry, where the ISO 9001 certificate is granted only rarely.