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Looking for something a bit different for your wedding?
Choose the wedding venue from our various options: idyllic country style wedding at Taivaanvalkeat, winter wedding at Tonttula, intimate wedding at Kammi, retro wedding at Ämmilä, Lappish wedding at Ämmilä, rock wedding at Areena or exotic wedding at Sapuska. We offer you our professionality and experience of organizing weddings and menu proposals.

Fairy-tale weddings in Lapland

Lapland is an astonishingly beautiful place where heaven and earth are so close to each other that they seem to be in love. When you gaze up the northern lights of the winter night, you start to think, “Is the sky so much in love that it can’t even sleep?”  Ice fairies dance in the snow across the wintry landscape and the Midsummer breezes feel like someone is caressing your cheek. The first light of the morning is a soft and dreamy pink. The evening twilight descends as if it were embracing you.

The Elves’ Experience Village provides a wonderful environment for the wedding of your dreams

The Elves’ Experience Village courtyard is like from a fairy tale book. Its rustic romantic atmosphere with gorgeous details are like a stage – the perfect stage for the very first day of your new life together.

During the summer season, Lapland’s Midnight Sun enchants wedding guests, and everyone will be impressed by the beautiful green landscape of the Köngäs village. Your wedding reception can be held not only indoors but also outdoors.

Every day is colourful and different at the Elves’ Experience Village and even the greyest of days of the year have a touch of poetry to them. This is the home for fairy tales and love.



A memorable setting for a wedding reception

The northern lights dance over the Elves’ Village in the wintertime. The Ounasjoki river is covered with ice. The landscape is covered by a white veil of snow. A small chapel lies here in the midst of everlasting peace. It has already witnessed the early days of many happy couples’ marriages.

There is a unique 300-seat restaurant at the Elves’ Village in the unique Northern Light hut that has an open fireplace. The cosy main hall of Taivaanvalkeat provides an unforgettable setting for wedding receptions and each hotel room rests your wedding guests in soft beds.

The wedding menu is designed to suit the wedding couple under the guidance of our skilled chefs. Explore the extensive facilities here at the Elves’ Village when looking to set the scene for one of life’s biggest decisions.




Grand weddings at the Areena

The Hullu Poro Areena is located right in the centre of Levi. The Areena has an impressive buffet table set up for guests. It’s the perfect venue to cater for 150 to 350 wedding guests. After dining, guests can head to the karaoke bar fun and to entertain others.

For inquiries and reservations, please contact Hullu Poro (Crazy Reindeer) Meetings and Events Sales Team via:
Email: sales@hulluporo.fi tel: +358 16 6510 500